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TRAVEL - The Perfect Cozumel Tour - For The Entire Family!

We love to travel and we absolutely love to travel with some of our closest friends! Do you guys travel with your friends? Do you travel with your children? That is an even bigger question!!! Well, I know how hard it can be to find tours or events that are family friendly when you travel to new places, so I think we found a spot that you are going to love! We had the opportunity to go to The Marine National Park Chankanaab In Cozumel. I absolutely loved this park because it is perfect for the entire family. We often travel with our children, so looking for vacation spots that are family friendly.... are a must! There are so many fun things to do at Chankanaab. From snorkeling to diving to getting a massage or just lying in an ocean front hammock, enjoying your favorite beverage! We absolutely loved our time there! My husband got a massage, I enjoyed a non-alcoholic piña colada and sat in a Hamic, talking to our friends and enjoy the day! My son absolutely loved snorkeling and my daughter loved putting her toes into the sand for first time!! The unforgettable moments that we shared during our time at Chankanaab were some of our favorite moments in Cozumel. If you’re looking to book a fun family tour when you visit Cozumel, definitely check out this amazing national Park! Check out their site here! “Chankanaab Little Sea Chankanaab (Mayan name that means “small sea”) is actually a coastal cenote whose hydrological dynamics propitiates the development of marine life and is located in the Marine National Park of Cozumel. The Natural Park Chankanaab is the first tourist reference in Cozumel, natural treasure and heritage of the island´s inhabitants which invites you to live the incredible experience of being part of our little earthly paradise. At Chankanaab you may choose to experience an adventure, like swimming with a dolphin, flying through the air on the zip line, a kayak trip or having lots of fun at the sea lions show. HOURS: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm ADMISSION: Adult $21.00 USD child $14.00 USD (aged 4-12) Go deep into the Mesoamerican cultures through the archeological replicas path and stroll through the botanical gardens where you will discover more than 350 species of the representative plants of the island. The options for you to contemplate the Christ and Virgin underwater sculptures at the Chankanaab reef are snorkeling or diving. You can reserve a massage at the SPA when the time to relax has come, or simply enjoy lying on an ocean front hammock while refreshing with your favorite beverage” I hope you enjoyed! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Please let me know your thoughts!

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