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5 Girls Weekend Ideas & Tips

Obviously, you should gather some of your closest friends, hire a photographer and walk CONFIDENTLY in the middle of the street...... strutting your stuff and laughing off all your worries as you do your best model walk… LOL I’m kind of joking but doing this with all of these amazing mom bloggers, was such a highlight of our trip!

We absolutely loved our Girls Weekend mini vacation to the Blog Societies Conference 🥂 this past weekend! We grew professionally, personally and as friends! It was perfect! Even though I missed my sweet babies so much..... this trip was LONG overdo!!

That feeling is what inspired me to write this post for you! Here are 5 great ideas for a Girls Weekend! Plus, tomorrow I’ll be sharing about our amazing experience and some of the very valuable lessons we learned at the Blog Societies Conference 🥂! I know that we are all super busy and our commitments and obligations are very important, HOWEVER, I have realized how essential it is for my health and my sanity to take a day or two to be rejuvenated. 1. Girls beach trip - there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the waves crash against the shore, laying out and getting a little extra Vitamin D, munching on A LOT of watermelon, and sleeping in until 8:00 AM! Lol if you have kids.... you know what I’m talking about!!!

2. Girls spa weekend - who doesn’t LOVE a little rest and relaxation plus pampering that is WAY overdo!

3. Girls Retreat - we just had a girls retreat and it was unforgettable and much needed for all of us! Seven of us mom bloggers went to the Blog Societies Conference 🥂. We all flew to Atlanta and had best time learning, laughing and growing. - Find a girls retreat or conference in your area and book it with your closest friend!!!

4. Girls Ski Trip - we love adventure and we love to be surrounded by the beauty of the Mountains. Even if you don’t like to ski, small ski towns are full of one of a kind restaurants and local shops that you will love.

5. Girls GLAMPING trip - just like camping but I’m RVs, Cabins, or Motor homes. We love air conditioning! Also, as a family we love to go to the state parks all over Texas. The relaxation, lake views and late night talks are some of our favorite memories!

Mammas & Ladies Everywhere! It’s time to unite together on build a community that equips, empowers and uplifts each other in those crazy moments! I just want to encourage you to find time for yourself so that you can be your best for your family, your friends and your community.

Thank you @xxiiiphoto For making this moments sooo special!!! . . Love you all!! And thank you so much @shopreddress for my gorgeous dress, and earrings!! I love them!! . Hope you had an amazing day!! 💕💕

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