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Travel light, Travel right! 3 tips on packing a carry on!

I am so excited about sharing this dress with you because not only is it perfect for every single day, because of the material but it is also perfect for travel!! Since I’m headed to the Blog Societies Conference 🥂 tomorrow, I am doing my best to pack only a carry-on… Which is super hard for me but I am going to be able to do it because I am packing dresses like this one! It is so cute, comfortable and it doesn’t wrinkle, which we all know is essential for when we travel! I also love the cut of this dress, it hits right at the waist and then has a full flowy skirt, that you can dress up or dress down, I’ve worn it casual and also dress see you like this picture! Check out Mended Boutique to find other styles and dresses that would fit your body perfectly and be perfect for traveling and every day use! Also here are 3 tips to use when trying to pack only carry-ons when you travel. I am serious you guys, this has been so hard for me so I had to share my tips with you as I learn them!! 1. Wear your bulkier items like boots or heels or outerwear.

2. There are two ways to but I have learned to Pack, either works, just pick the one you like the best. You can either lay your clothes as flat as you can or you can roll them. 

3. Plan your outfits before hand. I used to just bring clothes without a specific plan on what I was going to wear, so I would always have so many extra outfits, but now I always plan my outfits, jewelry, and shoes. Hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any other packing tips, please share! Can’t wait to hear your expertise!

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