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Huge announcement + learn how to find your tribe!

Everyone! It is hump day and we are officially half WAY through our week, that means you can make it all the way to Friday! Get it girl!!! You got this!!! I also have some very exciting news to share with you! Are you ready… drum roll please… I am so excited to announce that me and 5 amazing, world changing Houston bloggers are all headed to Atlanta next week Fiercely pursue our dreams, connect & network and grow personally and professionally at the Blog Societies Conference 🥂 Ahhh surprise! We were so excited to share this with you that we got together and did a photo shoot to celebrate this new beginning! This is the first blog conference that I am going to out-of-state! It was a huge decision for me personally and also for my business. Two months ago, I started realizing that I wanted more for my blog, for my followers and for my family. And I knew that I could do things better but I also knew I needed to be equipped and educated with the right tools and strategies to make my blog the success that I always dreamed it would be! Why do I want my Blog to be a success? I want to grow my traffic, brand and connections because the more people who come to my blog the more people will be equipped to know their worth, purpose and identity. Break free from complacency in order to make their dreams and goals a reality! Why am I going with other bloggers? I chose to go with other Houston bloggers because Supporting each other is an essential component to success, encouragement, and courage to follow our dreams. We are not alone in this journey and being together is always better! Unity brings change and hope to everyone around us! I am so thankful for these amazing friendships and I’m so excited to start traveling with these powerful, dynamic, world changing women! These women are not only amazing moms, but they are such boss babes, visionaries, compassionate and loving towards everyone they meet! I’m so honored and thankful to be connected with such wonderful people!

Remember to connect and surround yourself with people who will empower, inspire, and propel you forward! Your life and your dreams are waiting for you to be connected with the right group of people so you can move forward and then empower everyone you meet with your passion and purpose! Follow 

Thank you Arzu Vargas Photography 

Thank you Dine.Emmaline For letting us use your gorgeous balcony!

Definitely follow these women, connect with them and join them on their journey to make their dreams a reality! 

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