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7 things I’ve done to transform my blog in 2 months + all the reasons I love this gorgeous skirt!

The past two months have been such an adventure!! Needless to say, I have rebranded my event, GLAM Guide  and rebranded my entire blog, changing everything, and in this process, it’s been so humbling! Have you ever known that you needed to change your approach, look, or actions in order to generate a different result? Did you work to change your behavior? If so, then you know that it is a lot of work, it is challenging, SUPER humbling, and sometimes you don’t want to do it because it takes so much time and effort!!!! Who else feels this way?? However, when you do change....... The end result is so rewarding, refreshing, and empowering!!! So beauties, I recently got massive revelation when I said yes to take to event GLAM Guide on tour and Ever since I had a vision for the future… I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take action in order to make my dreams a reality. 5 Things I’ve learned in the past two months that have radically changed my reality, blog, relationships, and exposure. In the past two months I’ve been featured in Voyage Houston magazine three times, been featured in three newspapers in south Houston, featured in our local newspaper twice and been featured on Houston Life TV. Not to mention had the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build relationships and friendships with some of the most inspiring, compassionate, and world changing people. I am so humbled at the fact that if I had decided to stay in my comfort zone, I truly believe none of his opportunities would have come my way. 1. Dreams are only thoughts until they are put into action. You have to take massive action to see massive results. Literally, you can ask my husband....after our kids went to sleep, I would stay up until three or four in the morning working on rebranding my blog, and event, talking with my friends for innovative ideas to take my blog, event, and business to the next level! 

2. Speaking of friends, I have been so blessed to be surrounded by innovative, world changing women. Women who work hard and who are full of compassion for the world around them. Surround yourself with people who will propel you forward, pray with you and inspire you to not give up!

3. Do your research! I have spent countless hours researching for different contacts, navigating my way through hundreds of articles to figure out exactly how I wanted to present myself, my brand, and my event to the world.

4. Listen to the advice of the people who’ve gone before you. Seek it out and do not be so prideful that you do not ask questions!!! When it comes your dreams, lay your pride to the side because it is essential to learn from people who’ve already walked out this journey! Learn and grow from the people who have gone before you!

5. Honor your friends and your family through this process! A lot of times, my husband, my family, and my friends would tell me that I needed to stop working and go to bed. Though I understood their position, I would have to let them know that this process was only a season and that once I had established and rebranded my blog and my event then I would take time to rest.

6. Do not let other people’s opinions detour you from following your dreams. The truth is, not everyone will understand your passion or your purpose and that is OK! They don’t have to, you are called and created for a specific population to empower and inspire them to follow their dreams as you follow yours. Therefore, your responsibility is to take action and step out of your comfort zone so you can inspire others to do the same.

7. Do not allow perfectionism to steal your momentum. I have been very guilty of this because I wanted things to look and be a certain way and I allowed my need for things to be perfect to derail me and to slow me down! Don’t let this happen to you! Even though it’s only been two months, I felt like I needed to bring you guys on this journey with me and share the things I’ve already been learning! Honestly, this is been the most humbling process ever. I wanted to share insight so you could reach you can go further, farther, faster than ever before! And beauties, I absolutely love this gorgeous light pink skirt from Mended Boutique , you can buy yours here or you can go to this link! 

The princess flow of this skirt is so beautiful and made me feel so pretty and feminine! It is absolutely perfect for date night, a girls night out or a fun photo shoot! Also, we shot this look with one of my favorite new photographers Arzu photography,  I can’t wait to shoot with her again, she was so sweet and captured this moment perfectly!  Also beauties, remember that this is just the beginning, your dreams can and will become a reality but it’s going to take work, effort and sacrifice in the beginning but it is worth it! Love you all!!  

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