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How To Make The Most Of Every Opportunity (Houston Life TV Feature - what I learned and loved)

First off, I just want to say thank you to the crew and the cast of Houston Life TV!! Literally, when I was walking up with all my props, the door opened and I was immediately greeted with warmth and kindness and JOY.... as I was asked if I was the “armpit lady”. I don’t know if you saw the segment… but you can watch it HERE I specifically talked about DIY treatments to lighten underarms.... and it was so much fun! Being known as the “armpit lady” was the best icebreaker. We all started laughing because it can be a little awkward to talk about our armpits in public.

I felt like it was the best introduction because it instantly connected all of us! Listen...... it’s so essential to embrace the moment, and to ALWAYS laugh at yourself. We all have armpits and we all want to be healthier, and that’s exactly what I was showing the audience. What I learned 1. Be yourself, be kind, and smile! 2. If you are given an opportunity that might be a little out of your comfort zone, just remember that you are equipped, you’re more than enough and do your research to make sure that you are prepared for the moment. 3. Think about others, introduce yourself, make friends and genuinely have an interest in the people around you. Basically... look up, look out, and connect. 4. When you step out of your comfort zone, always have others in mind. Our opportunities are not for ourselves but for the benefit of others. If you have this mindset, then you’ll be able to get out of your head, stop over analyzing, and be confident and secure that you have what it takes to rise to the occasion. 5. Share your heart, business card, and love for others!!! Be conscious of others time and always be on time ( I was 15 minutes early and it worked out perfectly) How I had the opportunity to be featured I had this opportunity because I am connected with some of the most giving, loving and kind blocking babes in town. Thank you Nicole from Lipstick & Brunch for recommending me for the segment. So thankful for you! Remember to align yourself with like-minded people were following their dreams and who will empower you to move forward and follow yours. I am so excited to continue growing in the new relationships that I made on set and to continue promoting the good work that Houston Life TV is doing for our community! I absolutely love the show and I love seeing people work hard to bring hope to our community! It definitely go follow the show @houstonlifetv, the amazing, super sweet and fun host, and the people that were featured. You will be so inspired and empowered! Cheers beauties, to new beginnings and to facing our fears! Remember that on the other side of fear there is always breakthrough and blessing!

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