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GLAM Girls Night Out - First Event Recap

We did it! We executed and delivered and were able to love and empower and share hope with so many women at our First GLAM event on May 17, 2018 at Noah's Event Venue in Sugarland, Tx! Even though it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I was so blessed to be surrounded with so many world changing, praying, and loving women who have a heart to bring women's worth, purpose. and identity to the forefront so we can change our communities for the better!

Here are two things that I have learned!

1. Even though I have had the opportunity to do my second event, I wanted to recap on my first one and share a few things I learned. Saying YES to your dream is seriously the most humbling, and scariest thing that you will ever do, because when you say yes you’re open to people’s opinions, good or bad. You are vulnerable and transparent as you move forward, but in my weakness God was my shelter, fortress, stronghold and resting place!!! God is so good and bigger than any situation, and I learned that even when I do everything wrong, God will show up and exceed all of her expectations because we said yes and our heart and intention is to glorify him in all that we do and it’s so humbling and such a beautiful adventure when you say yes!

2. It takes a team! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing women who are like-minded and have a passion and call on their lives to change this generation and empower women to know their worth, purpose, and identity. I just want to encourage you that as you follow your dream.... surround yourself with people who will support, uplift, and empower you to move forward. I just wanted to give a shout out to our GLAM event planner Elizabeth Mize from EM Events for working so diligently to help my vision, and my purpose come to life! You are such a blessing and such a vital beautiful part of the glam team! Thank you for all you do and I’m so excited for what the future holds! Our amazing GLAM photographer Melissa Gabler at Sterling Regards photography for working so hard to capture priceless and beautiful moments. I love how you are able to tell a story with your passion for photography! To Bethany Chamberlin! Your servants heart has blessed our business, your heart for women and your passion for excellence has truly taken GLAM to the next level! To Catherine Cruze, Thank you for dreaming with me, praying with me and having such a fixed focus and clear vision! I’m so Thankful for your sweet friendship and I’m so excited for all God has in store! Our GLAM marketing team, and my amazing husband, family, mom and dad and church family!! You are all my greatest support system, your diligence to love, encourage, and empower me to follow my dreams with your words and actions has enabled me to connect, collaborate, and empower! So thankful for all of you and I could never do what God has called and created me to do without you! Also, thank you to all the influencers and all the women who share in our vision to create community over competition and a space for women to gather and be empowered! This is just the beginning, I love you all so much and definitely check out to find out more about our next event!

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