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GLAM Guide Amazing Speaker  Dawn P. Darnell!

Beauties, I am so excited to showcase all the speakers that are going to be at GLAM Guide!!! Find out more about the amazing Dawn P. Darnell from @dawnpdarnell

I am so excited to be connected with Dawn! I absolutely love her passion to inspire and connect so many women! Ahhh you will love her too!!!

Dawn a lifestyle blogger in Houston. She grew up in the Houston area and graduated from the University of Houston with a business management and international studies degree. Before her blog, she worked in the fashion retail industry up until she had my son. She created her blog when she had her son as a way to document his month to month progress and her life as a new mom. Little did she know, it would become so much more and it would become an outlet for her to pursue her passion for fitness and fashion. It wasn’t until she openly shared her experiences with postpartum depression on her blog, and my post was published in the Huffington Post did she realize how much of an impact her blog could have in helping others. Today her blog has become so much more than a personal mom journal, but rather a place for inspiration and encouragement for women to pursue living their best life. She hopes through her blog. that she can continue to grow a community of strong women, who uplift others, and who change this world for the better.

I told you that you would absolutely fall in love with her and want to follow everything she’s doing! It’s going to be so much fun!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons


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