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G.L.A.M. Guide Launch - July 12, 2018 Invitation




To create an environment for women to be rejuvenated, realigned, equipped, connect, shop and be empowered to walk in their purpose. Building a safe space to create new, lasting friendships and business connections by bringing like minded women together for one purpose. To change our communities for the better! Through our speakers, and our panel sessions we will be giving personal testimonies, strategic tools, and tested leadership skills. Teaching women the power of community over competition, how to break free from the fear, and how to overcome the doubt and anxiety that comes from following our dreams.

We will also be bringing top professionals in the beauty, fashion, and wellness industry together to give you strategic tips to look and feel beautiful.




Upon arrival, you will check in and receive your raffle ticket and for VIP ticket holders, your coveted SWAG bags full of goodies. At this point you can purchase more raffle tickets for our amazing giveaways, and then there will be appetizers, refreshments, connecting with vendors, business and peers, (so bring your business cards) and A LOT of shopping before the event begins. 30 minutes after the event begins, we will bring everyone into the ball room for a short introduction thanking everyone, live music and then a prayer to kick off the night.

Then we will do our first giveaway and raffle!

There will be three 20 minute breakout segments throughout the night for you to go mingle, connect, network, shop, enjoy the food and drinks and hopefully will the amazing raffles!

Then we will have 3, 20 minute interviews

  • Keynote speaker interview about “how she overcame fear and doubt in order to walk in her full purpose”

  • Interview with 3 top professionals in beauty, fashion, and wellness. They will give tips on “how to gain, maintain, and sustain inner and outer confidence!!”

  • Interview with 2 purpose driven Phenomenal Entrepreneurs about “how to live with passion and purpose without an 8-5 job/ how they created their dream jobs.”

If you know anyone that will benefit from these amazing speakers and the topics that we will be focused on, please let them know about our event and bring them along!




Our General Admission (GA) ticket price covers everything including appetizers, refreshments, dessert, coffee and juice bar, 2 raffle tickets, and professional photography

Our VIP Ticket includes all of that plus the amazing SWAG bags full of over $300 worth of goodies, and a one hour early shopping spree with all our wonderful vendors!! Plus VIP can come one hour before the event to connect with the vendors, keynote speaker, and panel speakers as well.

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