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Strawberry Lipo Laser Treatments - I Tried It!!

Beauties...….Let’s be honest, after having a baby, our body changes and looks different!! Well. I wonder why? Our stomachs stretched and our waist grew and out feet were swollen for carrying a baby is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, is not for the weak!! Women everywhere, our bodies are amazing and I am so thankful to stand with you shout from the roof tops how amazing YOU are!!

Therefore, I have worked pretty hard to lose weight and I breast-fed for a year!! I do fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes....however, I just feel like my stomach looks a little different. I know if you have been following me for a while you’re probably thinking...... you look fine, however I felt like I wanted to firm up areas that used to be super firm!

I had honestly never thought about getting Lipo on my stomach, but I had thought about getting it on my arms years ago..... but never looked into a procedure. When the opportunity to collaborate with Lumiere RN presented itself, I was very intrigued and had to learn more about this opportunity. After meeting with Carolyna and hearing her heart and passion for her business and for women, I felt like it was the perfect start to a great relationship.

When did you start?

We officially started treatment a week and a half ago, and It has been so much better because I am actually doing the treatment with my husband. We have both done three Strawberry Lipo laser treatments. Before we started, we got a body scan at Pump off Rayford. Then we went to start our first treatment. The treatment has to be done every 72 hours and we started doing them in the morning. Plus we are taking supplements to help flush our systems.

Here are a few questions that so many of you have asked, I hope they bring clarity!

How long are the treatments?

Each treatment is 20 minutes and you can split the treatment into 2, 10 minute treatments on different parts of your body

Why did I do the Lipo Lasor?

I wanted to try it because it seem like a great, uninvasive treatment. Karolina told us that it’s A great alternative to lipo and cool sculpting, however there is no pain with this treatment.

Does It Hurt?

No it does not hurt at all!! It gets a little warm. I am doing my stomach and my arms and it’s very relaxing. Every time I have done a treatment, I want to fall sleep.

How many sessions are you doing?

We are doing eight sessions. Two every week for a month. I feel like I am starting to see results and we’ve only done three treatments, so I cannot wait to do another review and share our results with you.

Where are you getting it done?

Here are some before and after pictures from 4 weeks and 8 treatments, from Lumiere RN Strawberry Treatments.

According to Taylor Medical Group

“Strawberry Lipo Laser, a FDA approved low-level laser, is designed to reduce body fat. Unlike some high level lasers, Strawberry Lipo Laser is totally pain-free. It provides results without any pain or downtime associated with traditional liposuction. During your laser lipo treatment a paddle is wrapped against the skin. A cold red laser beam penetrates the skin and passes into the fat tissue beneath the skin. The laser beam creates pores in the fat cell that allows the contents, glycerol, water and fatty acids, to be released and removed by the lymphatic system. Surrounding tissues such as blood vessels, nerves and skin cells are unaffected by the procedure.

How Does It Work

Strawberry Lipo Laser produces pores in fat cells by stimulating an enzyme, cytochrome c oxidase found in mitochondria, which is sensitive to laser light. This enzyme regulates cellular metabolism by boosting the rate of ADP/ATP exchange and biological cascades, which affect fat cell stability. This increased ATP production caused by the Strawberry Lipo Laser leads to a boost in production of a natural by-product called reactive oxygen species (ROS). Increased levels of ROS causes a process called as lipid peroxidation. This process occurs when ROS reacts with lipid (fat) molecules that are present in cell membranes. The end result is the destruction of cell membrane fat is that it creates pores that make it easy for intra-cellular (fat inside the cell ) fat to be released. Strawberry Lipo Laser also stimulates lipase, an enzyme, that breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. They are then released together with water through the pores. The fatty acids and glycerol are removed by the lymphatic system and transported into the body where they can be metabolized and consumed for energy. The fat cell shrinks and loses its round shape due to changing of the permeability of the membrane. The pores heal later but the fat cell remains small. It is important to exercise after each treatment so that your body can burn off the glycerol and triglycerides through energy consumption.


The primary benefit of a Strawberry Lipo Laser treatment is the loss of inches by fat reduction. However, patients also notice that cellulite appearance improves and their skin appears smoother and tighter after each treatment.**

** Results may vary

Areas To Be Treated

The Strawberry Lipo Laser is suitable for treating many areas of the body where fat reduction is desired. Body areas suitable for treatment are stomach, waistline, thighs, buttocks, hips, male breasts, arms and neck.”

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