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National BFF Day + Kendra Scott Giveback Event

Loved being a part of this amazing @kendrascott #ksbaybrook giveback event to raise money for the Santa Fe Memorial Fund!!! It was amazing that I was hosted on national BFF day, and I got to spend part of my day with all of these amazing women! Love sharing life with so many phenomenal world changing women!

Who are you connected to? Who do you share your dreams with? Are they passionate about making a positive impact everywhere they go? Make sure you surround yourself with people that will empower you, inspire you and motivate you to move forward to make your dreams and goals a reality! Break free from complacency and order make your dreams and goals are reality. As you do, you will impact the world around you, bring together people who have a heart to bring hope, life, and love to everyone they meet!

Thank you to everyone who came out!!!!💕💕Together is always better and EMPOWERED women empower other!!!! Ahh loved this and thank you so much @dawnpdarnell for putting this together, @kendrascott Robin, @aveda @zara and @maggianos for hosting such a wonderful dinner!

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