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Build Your Brand - Featuring Branding Genius, Meredith Jurica, CEO of Makeup Junkie Bags

You guys! I’m so excited about this collaboration! It has been a super special one because I have had the opportunity to work with The CEO and Creator of Makeup Junkie Bags! I met Meredith over two years ago and I featured her as one of my Beauty Queens Of The Week two weeks after she starting her business. Now two years later, she has seen tremendous growth, literally her brand has exploded all over the country and her product is in boutiques everywhere.

Makeup Junkie Bags has not only been recognized as a tremendous business leader locally, but now on a national level. Recently Meredith was asked to be one of the keynote speakers on building a brand at The Boutique Summit. A 3 day event attended by over 400 store owners and vendors. This Summit sold out in less than 3 days! It has trainings, speeches, and a fancy banquet dinner. She is co sponsoring the event with awesome brands like Pinterest and Chinese Laundry. Learn more here.

I am so inspired, encouraged, and empowered by the opportunities that are coming her way and the opportunities she is providing for so many others, with her wisdom, kindness, knowledge, Integrity and character, I know that this is only the beginning for her and her Makeup Junkie Bags!

She sent me four gorgeous bags!! I am featuring two today plus some amazing photos of some of the other products that she offers, and then after the summit I’m going to do a recap and share the other two bags that she sent me! I’m so excited to go on this journey with her and share the success, and empower you to follow your dreams. To take massive action in order to make your dreams and goals are reality.

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