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Hollywood Beach Adventures!

We absolutely loved it checking out Hollywood Beach in Florida! It was the perfect location for people who are single, have single families or have a family of four! It is clean and fun and it has amazing food!

Lol we love good food and we love clean manicured places, just because our children love to run and play and we have loved Hollywood Beach because the boardwalk we the perfect place to let McKenna run and enjoy the day! We were so sad that we were not able to bring our son on this trip because he had to stay in school, but we had a wonderful time, even though we missed our sweet son!

Have you ever been to Hollywood Beach? And what was your experience? We got there a little bit later in the day, so wasn’t super hot, and then we walked around, enjoyed the live music, the fun activities that were on the boardwalk! And then we take fun pictures of the beach and eat at the Taco Spot! I would recommend The Taco Spot to anyone who is going to Hollywood Beach! They had such a fun atmosphere, and while we were on Hollywood Beach, started raining and they got us right in!

The food blew us away! I got fish tacos, which are some of my favorites and they came with this corn that was unbelievable. It had pesto and Parmesan and garlic on it, it sounds so interesting but it was amazing!!!

We were just strolling down Hollywood Beach Boulevard in Miami and my sweet daughter stopped and started waving and blowing kisses at everyone, it was the cutest thing! We definitely made a lot of friends today! 💕🌺 . . Hope you are all having amazing day as well!! By the way I got my dress at @forever21 for under $30!! . . #travel #travelblogger #beauty #beautyblog #beautyblogger #blogger #best #bestoftheday #ootd #joy #bestfriends #love #daughter #fashion #fashionblogger #fashionista #houstonblogger #instagood #model #amazing #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger

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