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Gorgeous White Dress ( Perfect For Spring )

Also, here a a few very similar ones! I know you will love! Please let me know which ones you love!!

Calling all you gorgeous brides to be!!! When I saw this dress, I had to get it and showcase it, JUST for you!!! Seriously, I wish I would of had a dress like this when I was getting married. It is the most comfortable dress and it is super flattering! Plus it has feminine details and a cape. How can you go wrong with a cape especially for your bridal parties! All I know, is that when I put this dress on I not only felt beautiful, but I felt kind of like a super hero!! Capes will always make a simple, understated look.... Flawless!! Every bride wants to look gorgeous at all of her events, so I truly believe that this dress will be a show stopper, all while making you feel glamorous, super fashionable, and beautiful!! I love it as well because it is a simple yet it has the feel of a high-end fashion piece. It is also one of the most comfortable dresses that I own. It is zipper free and it has no binding within the waist line. However it is slimming because the material has a firmness and elasticity to it, so it holds your body snug, which will make you feel confident and secure!! I also have excited to share some tips with you, here are some of the items that are used for this look!! My lipstick is Luminess Airess and it is absolutely perfect for any night out because it is long lasting and literally will stay on all day!! Also I’m always looking for the right color red and I love this hue!!! It’s so beautiful and has the perfect undertone for every skin type!

Hope you enjoy, I know you are going to look fabulous in your new white dress and gorgeous red lips!!

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