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Mom's Everywhere - Best Baby Bath Seat (The Summer Infant)

Moms everywhere, if you are looking for helping hand, shoulder or foot during bath time....... then The Summer Infant® My Bath Seat™ is just for you!“It provides a helping hand to parents at bath time, and is perfect for increasingly mobile little ones transitioning to an adult tub. With its three sturdy arms for 360° of support, high back rest and spacious frame, you can keep your baby securely in place while freeing up both of your hands to scrub and play.”

AND yes she is wearing pants, she has been afraid of the bath time for the past month so I had to ease her into the water.


When we received My Bath Seat, I was overjoyed because I am always looking for quality products that are durable, innovative, and easy to use!!! After we opened the package, my daughter was so excited, that she wanted to play and sit in her new toy!

However, since my sweet daughter has recently become afraid of the water, I was eager yet nervous to try My Bath Seat, but when we finally got her in the bath, she loved it. She played, laughed, and even pretended to was amazing! I truly wish that I would have discovered this product when my daughter was younger so we could of established how fun and wonderful bath time is, without her being afraid.


This was a very simple and straight forward process. We literally installed My Bath Seat within 5 minutes. we had to use that the dimensions of your tub are between 21 and 24 inches wide


  • Sure & Secure™ Suction Cups and high backrest provide comfort, support and all-around stability

  • Easy set-up, removal and storage

  • Allows parent use of both hands to clean baby

  • Accommodates standard rectangular tubs 21”-24” wide

  • JPMA Certified, conforms to ASTM F1967 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats and recommended for ages 5-10 months


I think this will be a great tool for making the transition from the sink to the bathtub.

Hope you all enjoyed this product review. Also, gorgeous mammas, please let me know what you think of this product!

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