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It's Game Day Ya'll - Why We Decided To Watch The Super Bowl + Game Day Must Haves!

Beauties!!! I found this shirt and I had to share! It is on sale at Francesca‘s right now and I got it for only $12. Plus they have so many other cute shirts. I got two other shirts with cute sayings for $12 as well! I also love the cold shoulder and the ruffly sleeve, it’s so cute! Also, beauties..... I am getting a little personal... and even if you don’t agree, we can still be friends!!!! That’s the beauty of friendship!!!! Ok 👉 honestly, we LOVE football season but this year I didn’t even realize that the Super Bowl was this weekend!! Which is crazy, because as a TEXAN, I love football, sweet Sundays and any reason to celebrate, but this NFL season my family and I kind of took a hiatus from watching the games. Explanation My grandpa was a veteran AND as a family, we support our military and we are so honored and humbled by the sacrifices so many men and women have made so we can live in freedom. Therefore, when the NFL players kneeled during the national husband and I first off could not believe our eyes, and could not support that behavior. We were so saddened by the disrespect of our country and dishonor to our military! Why we decided to watch the SUPER BOWL Well, it is a huge tradition in our family and a wonderful reason to get together with the ones you love, but also because I️ love the irony that the Patriots and Eagles are playing! The eagle even represents bravery, courage, loyalty, and freedom! Beauties, I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the Super Bowl if you’re watching it and embrace every moment, Remember to stand up for what you believe in and have the courage to speak truth! Love you all and hope you were encouraged!

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