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Toned Arms In Ten Minutes

Today is the beginning of my “Live In Freedom” campaign and I’m so excited to start sharing daily post with you! Today I also posted my first video about facing your fear‘s and gave strategic steps to help you make your dreams a reality! Click the link to check it out to be inspired to live with passion and purpose!

Also, every Thursday I’m going to be sharing about some of my favorite new workouts that I’m able to integrate into my daily routine!

What you need :


5 pound weights (more or less will work)

A chair or table

*** workout clothes that make YOU feel fabulous!!!

Here is one of the easiest and most effective ways that you can tone your arms in less than 10 minutes!

Let me know what you girls think of this easy work out, I try to do it 3 to 4 times a week and I always feel sore the next day. However, this is definitely for beginners and I am working to get back into shape, and build my endurance after having our sweet baby girl! You can do this work out and add heavier weights as well!!

Beauties, always remember that you’re perfect just as you are and I’m so excited that you are taking steps to live a healthy happy life!

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