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Huge Announcement & Changes Happening On My BLOG!

Beauties, hope you had a wonderful week! In the month of February I am going to bring to you something new and special! I know that you have already been bombarded with New Year’s resolution tips and guides but I thought it would be wonderful to bring all that new year excitement into the second month of the year! February is a huge month for our family because not only was my daughter born on February 2, but our son was officially adopted on February 28!! PLUS my birthday is February 9 and we also have Valentine’s Day!! So many exciting events happening and what better way to celebrate than with an entire month of empowerment and encouragement to inspire you to live your BEST life!! Statistics show that habits can be shifted, changed, and recreated within three in the month February we have ability, and opportunity to create new habits and stop the ones that are holding us back! Here are a list of the topics that I will be discussing in February 2018! Please let me know if there are specific things you would like me to talk about or blog about, PLUS beauties I am creating a new habit, I’m going to have a BLOG schedule for each week! Every week I’m going to do be doing 1 Minute Motivational videos empowering you to live with passion and purpose. Then, Monday - Friday I will bring YOU these resourceful tips!

Looking forward to connecting with you every day! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and please let me know if there are any specific topics you would like me to discuss!

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