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30 Top Secret Things You Didn't Know About Me!

30 Top Secret Things About Me!

  1. I love to spend time with my sweet family, seriously I am so overwhelmed and thankful for my handsome, visionary husband and for our precious babies.

  2. I love to empower people to know their worth, purpose, and identity. I give my life to the Lord when I was 17, and until then, I had no worth, and now it is a part of my mission in life to bring light, love, and Freedom to everyone I meet!

  3. I love to dance, sing, and celebrate any occasion… Often times we make up “special” occasions, just so we can get together with friends and enjoy quality time.

  4. I love to give unique gifts to friends and family, it brings me so much joy as they open them with so much wonder

  5. I love to work out, and live a pretty healthy lifestyle, however I am kind of obsessed with coffee and chocolate, I know both of those things are a little contradictory but I think it’s OK to indulge… Once, twice or three times a day....

  6. I love to connect with everyone I meet… If we are friends, then you know I am passionate about knowing “your” story and what makes you, YOU! So definitely contact me, I would love to get to know you!

  7. I love to dream and journal about everything. Writing brings me so much peace, clarity, and satisfaction! It is truly my guilty pleasure.

  8. I love to be creative, with my clothes, make up, decor and I also love to draw… My dad is a professional artist and I know I get my passion for art from him!

  9. I love to cook, Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to making meals for my sweet family, it is always so much fun to try new recipes! AND of course.... I have had many Pinterest fails!!

  10. I love to renew my mind, on a daily basis! With podcast, YouTube, motivational videos, and worship music. People always ask me why I am so happy, well, I know what it’s like to not have joy and I choose every day to live with a thankful attitude and remain full of joy!

  11. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and track.

  12. I went to 4 national championships with the basketball team

  13. I got married when I was 21, to the love of my life when I was a junior in college.

  14. I graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders

  15. I am a Speech Therapist

  16. I love love love working with children, it is another passion of mine.

  17. I am a night owl, and have become even more of one, because at night, I get the most done after my sweet babies have gone to sleep

  18. I love when people fall in love, it makes me so happy! And I love to go to weddings!

  19. I love to buy cute clothes for my kiddos.... seriously, it might be a problem.

  20. I started modeling when I was 16

  21. As I modeled and began acting, my passion for make up, and fashion grew exponentially as well as my passion to empower women to know their worth.

  22. I coached junior high girls basketball teams when I was younger, I’ve always loved coaching

  23. I love animals, we have two cats and two dogs

  24. I was a city girl, but now we live on 20 acres, and I’m very fond of the space we have, and so thankful!

  25. I love to travel with our family and friends

  26. I love to go on adventures, I love hiking, flying, fishing, skiing, shopping, and scuba diving.

  27. I am a certified scuba diver

  28. I use to be afraid of the dark, like deathly afraid… Until I was 19, so now I am passionate about facing my fears, and inspiring others to do the same.

  29. I am either 5’ 7” or 5’ 8” I am not sure

  30. I love photography, and editing pictures, it fascinates me how much light can change a photo!!

Hope you enjoyed these very detailed, random facts about me! If you want to find out more or just want to connect, check out my about page. I am in the Houston area and would love to get to know you!

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