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Disney World Tips & Tricks - Must Know For Parents

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you guys had the best holiday season ever with the ones you love. I was so excited to write this post because we are so overwhelmed with the blessings and travel opportunities that we have had the privilege of going on this year. Our sweet son and daughter always travel with us and there are no words to express the joy that we have, spending quality time as a family.

This was the first year that we celebrated Christmas as a family of four, our sweet son absolutely loved Christmas, from decorating, to celebrating at all our family parties, to opening gifts.... it was truly magical to watch and our daughter loved all of the wrapping paper…and boxes. Even though our family showered her with gifts, it was hilarious to watch her enjoy the most simple things, such as shiny wrapping paper.

Another thing that was truly magical this year was our trip to Disney World. It was amazing to watch our son and daughter relish in the fact that dreams do come true and our Disney Experience was amazing. Therefore, after months of research, I wanted to give you 10 tips for traveling to Disney World with your kids.