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Disney World Tips & Tricks - Must Know For Parents

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you guys had the best holiday season ever with the ones you love. I was so excited to write this post because we are so overwhelmed with the blessings and travel opportunities that we have had the privilege of going on this year. Our sweet son and daughter always travel with us and there are no words to express the joy that we have, spending quality time as a family.

This was the first year that we celebrated Christmas as a family of four, our sweet son absolutely loved Christmas, from decorating, to celebrating at all our family parties, to opening gifts.... it was truly magical to watch and our daughter loved all of the wrapping paper…and boxes. Even though our family showered her with gifts, it was hilarious to watch her enjoy the most simple things, such as shiny wrapping paper.

Another thing that was truly magical this year was our trip to Disney World. It was amazing to watch our son and daughter relish in the fact that dreams do come true and our Disney Experience was amazing. Therefore, after months of research, I wanted to give you 10 tips for traveling to Disney World with your kids.

Here are some of the tips that made our Disney experience Magical!

2. Download the My Disney Experience App ASAP!! It is truly AMAZING!- We LOVED this app, It not only inks your reservations, but also you can book dining reservations, it lets you search ride wait times, it’s linked to your photo pass, purchase souvenirs and send them to your room or mail them home!!!

3. Order your Personalized Magic Bands - we actually did not do this, BUT I definitely recommend it because it will make your Disney Experience will be even smoother. With your magic bands and luggage tags need ample time to arrive before you leave. Your magic band will be your most prized possession. It is your room key, park ticket, payment method, photo pass, memory maker tag & more!

4. Make all of your dining reservations 6 months in advance - AT LEAST 6 month in advance, if not earlier. This is hopefully garentee you can get a spot at your favorite, magical restaurant. YOU can also make reservations on the My Disney Experience App, online here or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

5. Bring your own snacks into the parks - check out our Disney Packing List and learn everything you need for your trip.

6. Photo Pass- Disney has professional photographers throughout the park ready to capture your special moments. My mom and aunt are PRO Disney World Goes, and they are the one who told me that the Disney Photographers will give you a photo pass or link your magic band so you can view the photos on the Disney Experience app or website at a later time.

My MOM and Aunts PRO Tip- The photographers will also take a photo of you using your camera or phone.

7. With Kiddos, you should probably STAY away from the Magic Hours - they tend to be the busiest time for the entire day. We definately recommend taking advantage of early mornings, because we found that the crowds did not come in full force until around 10:00 a.m.

8. This is amazing as well, the ice water is free - from any cafe with fountain soda service- we brought refillable water bottles, and it made it easier to be hydrated and less expensive.

9. Book Your Fast Passes - remember to schedule your first 3 fast passes for the morning, then after you finish, you can use the app or visit a kiosk to schedule your next three at the same park or a different one. You can schedule your fast past up to 60 days in advance.

10. Love this!! If your children are old enough to be single riders - The Test Track, Expedition Everest, and Rock N Roller Coaster all have separate lines for single rider.


We were so blessed by my parents to receive a private VIP tour for our trip to Magic Kingdom! Warning, this experience was Absolutely magical, yet expensive. However, my husband and I talked about it and since we saw the park in an entirely different way, we talked about bringing a group next time so we could all go in and split the cost. Now let me share with you some of our insider knowledge on this amazing tour.

They met us at the door when I walked into Magic Kingdom and immediately the VIP service began. Our tour guide wires so professional, fun and knowledgeable about the park. We started out the day having the opportunity to get in the front of the line at every single ride and attraction. We were celebrating our sons birthday and we got to go into Mickey Mouse’s dressing room and Mickey not only spent quality time with us, but he also sang happy birthday to our son.

Then our tour officially began, she took us behind the scenes and through the exclusive back entrance to get to the rides we truly wanted to ride it. All day we were amazed at the service, and excitement that we were feeling as we got to go to the Front of every single line, which meant we had a exclusive, unlimited fast pass to everything. At the end of the day, we were able to go to every single ride, enjoy the amazing parade, with exclusive front row seats, and eat a 5 course meal!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and holiday at Disney World!!

Love, Michelle Hammons

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