Faux Fur Frenzy - Warm Up For The Holidays!









Dress / Faux Fur Pink Jacket / Necklace / Shoes 


I absolutely love faux fur vest and jackets and having this gorgeous pink faux fur jacket from Carrie Ann Boutique is like a dream come true. I know that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I feel so pretty and dainty and this jacket. I love that it adds so much personality and flair to my black dress. I believe that this is the perfect accessory to any holiday outfit, if you’re going to dinner or to a holiday party, just add this jacket and you will feel put together and fabulous.


If you are a little intimidated by this faux fur Jacket, then here are some tips on how to wear it. 




Feeling Casual : Pair this jacket with a neutral color, (black, white, or tan) t-shirt or sweater that is plain or with minimal texture, add skinny jeans, tattered or dark color and tuck your shirt in. Put on your fabulous NEW jacket to feel casual and cute.


Feeling Festive : One of the major trends that is happening right now, is the “more the merrier!” Which means that adding extra is very popular. Therefore, wearing a top that has shimmer, sparkles, or patterns is appropriate even if you add a faux fur vest or jacket.


I absolutely love Faux Fur as you can tell, and  Carrie Ann Boutique also has some other fun faux fur options.


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Love you all,

Michelle Hammons



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