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Make Life Easier With The Evenflo Pivot Stroller - Full Review


A few days ago, I tried out my new Evenflo Pivot Stroller and I was amazed at the functionality and simplicity of this product. However, since I use to my original stroller, I wanted to look up YouTube directions to make sure I would be prepared for the day..... I am a kinesthetic learner, and visual learner, so watching put it together.....the correct way, the first time, was the best way for me to learn. After the 10 minutes video, I felt like I was a pro! Moms everywhere, who else feels the need to follow directions lol Since following the directions, even more joy has come....and the transition from my old stroller to my new Evenflo Pivot has been smooth and effortless.

Here are some very interested facts I not only found out about the new innovative Pivot Stroller but also about the Evenflo company.

About Company:

“For nearly 100 years it has been Evenflo’s mission to find and provide to you products that help you throughout your journey as a parent.” This company strives for excellence and safety always comes first! Their goal is to partner with parents and families to deliver innovate and function “best-in-class” infant care and juvenile products. The Evenflo Company, Inc. has brought me a unique product that has the ability to transition into six different positions, which is amazing for my lifestyle. While we travel and we are on the go all the time, the stroller a perfect blend of safety, creativity, and functionality for my sweet daughter!

Benefits of Brand Overall:

- Safety, well-being, and development of children.

- Going above and beyond government standards to provide car seats that are tested at 2X the Federal Crash Test Standard.

- Best-in-class infant care and juvenile products.

- Offer a range of convertible, compact, booster, and all-in-one products. These range from car seats, to strollers, to Evenflo products in the home (safety gates, exersaucers, high chairs, etc.)

- Three reversible modes (including convenient reversible carriage model).

- Large three-panel canopy, Cruiser tires, Ergonomic handle for effortless handling.

- SafeMax Infant Car Seat with Anti-Rebound Bar.As your child grows the Pivot’s usefulness evolves to accommodate both forward – and rear-facing seated positioning.

- Quick and slim fold.Extra large storage basket.

If you are a busy mom.... lol which we ALL ARE.....or someone who likes products that are simplistic, functional, and exceptional, then I would definitely recommend this Stroller to you. There are link throughout my blog for this exact model, however, here are quick links just for you! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season and hope you found this review very informative!!

Beauties!! Love you all and hope you enjoyed.

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