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Deep Sea Fishing In Seward, Alaska - Puffin Charter

We love to go on adventures as a family, and try new things and one of the things that we LOVE to do when we travel, is to go deep sea fishing. We have been deep-sea fishing in Guatemala, Alaska, Belize, Florida, Galveston, and Cozumel and every time we go, it’s always a new adventure and super fun experience. We plan to go in different seasons and catch all different types of fish!

When we were in Alaska, I was pregnant and we took our son deep-sea fishing. Therefore, if you are worried about taking your children with you to go deep-sea fishing, please do not be afraid, the boats are safe and they have everything you need as far as life jackets and safety gear to protect your family.

I really wanted to share this experience with you guys because it was so unique and the fact that we were traveling with some of our best friends, made it even more special! We went with like 30 of our closest friends. and the entire group loves adventure. We rented the entire boat out for the day to share the experience together.

We left at 6:30AM and got to experience the gorgeous sunrise as we pulled out of the harbor. It was truly magical! I actually did a Facebook live as we were pulling out before I lost reception. It was such a unique and special experience because we saw glaciers, mountains, and so many different types of animals. It was so surreal!

If you are headed to Alaska and want to plan a trip of a lifetime, then I would definitely recommend going to Seward and booking a trip with Puffin Charters. We all limited out, which is a really big deal - that means that our guides knew where to find the fish and everyone was extremely happy and excited about the experience. After we got back to shore we went to a restaurant in town where they cooked fish for us, so we had the best fresh fish we have ever had! It was unbelievable and we are so thankful for the opportunity we had to go and be a part of this amazing adventure!

Only did we build that forgettable family memories that we got to share this experience with our best friends. If you complete a trip with us that we were favorite people to experience a moments like these, then I would definitely recommend that! I hope that you felt his help for years looking forward to talking with you soon!!

You can find out more information about the Puffin Charters here and you can book your charter right here as well, please let me know what you think!

“Get the Best Seward Alaska Fishing with Puffin Fishing Charters

We invite you to join us, the Puffin Fishing Charters crew, for the ultimate Alaska fishing adventure of a lifetime!

We design our multi-species trips depending on what species are available during the summer fishing season with Halibut being on the menu throughout the entire season.

We offer three types of trips through the fishing season:

Mid-April/May/ June/Early-July:

  • full day King Salmon/Halibut trips

  • full day King Salmon-only trips

  • full day Halibut/Rockfish(bass) or Halibut/Pacific Cod trips

We went in August and we loved fishing the full day of Halibut/Silver Salmon/Rockfish


  • full-day Halibut/Silver Salmon/Rockfish trips

  • full-day Silver Salmon/Rockfish trips

  • full-day Halibut-only trips

We do our best to target as many species as possible, but due to time constraints and the availability of certain species, most trips are dual-species.

Why go with Puffin Fishing Charters?

1. We know where the fish are.

Our crew has been guiding Alaska Salmon and Halibut fishing charters out of Seward, Alaska for more than 25 years. We know where the fish are! With our captains having the combined experience of nearly 50 years, Puffin Fishing Charters is proud to say that we have the best and most experienced captains in the Seward charter fleet. All of our crew members are personable, are incredible fishermen, and have a high regard for seamanship, with safety always a priority.

"Experience makes the difference!"

2. Our boats are fast – less time running means more time fishing!

Our custom-built 36-foot sport charter boats were designed by Captain Leslie after years of experience in the industry and with your comfort and safety in mind. Our vessels feature:

  • Expansive rear decks with the capacity to fish around their entire perimeters, providing plenty of room for everyone.

  • Comfortable, heated cabins feature marine suspension seating throughout, providing a warm, comfortable ride for everyone, not just the captain.

  • Our captains are US Coast Guard-licensed and have First Aid and CPR certifications.

  • Our fully-insured vessels have undergone extensive dockside and on-the-water inspections and safety drills by the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Cruising speeds of 24 to 26 knots get you to the fishing grounds faster and more comfortably: "less time running means more time fishing!"

3. Our top-of-the-line gear helps you hook your fish more easily and effectively.

Our experience and our boats aren’t all that set us apart. Our equipment is top-of-the-line so you can experience the best Alaska fishing experience possible.

  • The heavy tackle we use for bottom-fishing includes Avet and Shimano reels. We spool our reels with 130# XP TUFF-LINE XP. Our reels are mounted on Seeker Alaska Series Ocean Rods.

  • The light tackle we use is Shimano Tekota reels. We use 30# Red Cajun line and mount the reel on medium action Ugly Stix.

  • Our Garmin electronics enable us to put you on the fish and then it's up to you to “Catch 'em up!"

Puffin Fishing Charters is excited to

introduce the "F/V Sorceress” the latest addition to the Puffin Charter fleet. “

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