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YOUTUBE & PODCAST - Natalie Cargile - Exposing The Truth Behind Creating An International TV Network

Did you know that 80% of people give up on their dreams after one failed attempt. Only 20% continue to try and 90% of them succeed! We cannot allow failure to hinder or hold us back. Today the dynamic and innovative creator and founder of the International TV Network - The Connect Network TV Natalie Cargile sits down to share the raw and transparent truth about set back, challenges, delays, and a transformative way of thinking that has lead her to be a huge success. We share tips and resources to help you overcome and be activated into your God given purpose!

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Try these Helpful Declaration To Say Daily

• I am Chosen

• I am Loved

• I am not Alone

• I will not give up or grow weary

• I will focus and finish what I start with excellence

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