Recently I had opportunity to go to the Blog Societies Conference for a much needed girls weekend!  We all learned so much in order to advance our careers - cheers to all you boss babes. 

I learned so much and I will share more in-depth details on a blog later...



Beauties! This week, I’m so excited to share a few “Must Visit” spots in Cypress Tx! If you love to travel and are looking for the perfect, outdoor space + a one stop spot for the entire family then I would definitely recommend going to the Boardwalk at Towne Lake in...


I am so excited to share with you 30 inspirational blogs, 30 + tips and Life Coaching skills, 30 days to book a life coach sessions for 33% off & 30 days to buy your tickets for our NEXT GLAM Guide that will be on Feb. 7, 2019 in Sugarland Tx. I am thrilled to be kick...


We love visiting Breckenridge. It feels like you have stepped back in time, to a small ski town that is full of shops, restaurants, and adventure opportunities. Since I am pregnant, the list I’m giving you a list based on restaurants and places we love, since I can’t d...


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Beauties! I have been so excited to share our Colorado Babymoon with you! It has been delayed due to my daughter and I getting sick for two weeks and our aunt passing away, but we all doing so much better and FULL of hope for the future! BTW Tha...


I am so excited to share with you all the amazing adventures that we had while staying in Colorado. I am going to write a few post about our stay, but this one is dedicated to the gorgeous home we stayed in, our love of nature and 10 family friendly things you can do w...


I cannot wait to share this with you, if you have been looking for a fun, unique, historical yet family-friendly spot to vacation for the weekend, then I definitely would recommend Gruene Tx. Gruene is known for it’s small-town Texas charm, historical landmarks, and am...


We absolutely love to try new things, from restaurants to festivals and since we live close to Houston, We couldn't wait to start exploring our home town. I can not wait to find secret, unforgettable spots that I can share with you! I recently started researching fun f...


We love to travel and we absolutely love to travel with some of our closest friends! Do you guys travel with your friends?  Do you travel with your children? That is an even bigger question!!!

Well, I know how hard it can be to find tours or events that are family fri...


We are so thankful that we live so close to the beach!!! We LOVE the ocean, sunrises long walks on the beach lol but seriously though..... it’s one of our favorite places.!! And....We absolutely love going to Galveston for a staycations!!! Last weekend when my husband...

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